Vladislav Krasovskiy (Bosphore) became interested in electronic music back in the ’90s, in the early days of the club culture of Ukraine, a long time fan of music while remaining House. Developing versatile, he continued to experience cravings for their passion and later realizing that it is his calling. For the first time in 2008, stands behind a DJ console works .. resident nightclub, but realizes that this is not what it is calling the soul  and he discovers the world of electronic music. Thanks to the talented musician Arhod. In 2011, he published his first joint release  his tracks sound in the style of Dark Techno, Minimal Techno and Tech House.

  • 30 Miami Underground 2018
    Ivan Digiglio, Jorge Martins, Siemensstr. 12a, Arf, Jan Siglow, Van Morph, Apparatique, pixel (US), Provisional Class, Tengo, Sergei Gray, Double-K, Bosphore, Bredes Fernando, Martin Lacroix, Bebop (BR), Alexander Gallomoretti, Raoul Duke, Kiros, Rocky Di Fine, Sr Cramer, Dann At Bridges, Anxogcd, Olivers, Konstress, Martusciello, Andrey Subbotin, Anina Owly, Liss C
    MBVA0100 | Multibundle | 2018-03-02 | Buy
  • Wonder Of Manchester Vol. 138
    Bass Monta, Bastian South, BeatQueche, Becquer, Ben Fisher, Kuzko, Bendober, Blake Glen, Bluecrack, Lukas, Bohemic, Bosphore, Boukorras Luc, Bricklake, Richardson, Broman, Broxart, Buzand, Cache, Charlie Cat, Charlie Heaven, Chkheto
    Minimal / Deep Tech
    ME138 | Manchester Exclusive | 2018-02-20 | Buy
  • Biomaster
    RMR060 | Right Music Records | 2018-02-08 | Buy
  • Apocalypse Of Sound No.7: Hard Techno Series
    Enzo Gallo, Sahaf, TKNO, Julen L, Bosphore, Patrick Hollo, Abductions, Voodoopriester, Berri & Wald, Hawk, TKNO, Chris Lo, Eric the Dancer
    Hardcore / Hard Techno
    RIMVA1325 | Rimoshee Traxx | 2018-02-06 | Buy
  • Clubbers Culture: Techno Boutique 012
    Ross Buist, Bebop (BR), Jan Siglow, Iam Punk, Jens Mueller, Bosphore, Bredes Fernando, Martin Lacroix, Franx
    Techno, Hardcore / Hard Techno
    CCVA0424 | Clubbers Culture | 2018-01-24 | Buy
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